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Co-operation examples


Within these partnerships, the Faculty of Chemistry is closely linked to a few companies cooperating in materials development, their applications, etc. The Institute of Materials Science (IMS) is ranked among the Faculty`s top research units, focusing on polymeric materials and composites for a wide variety of uses. There are many young people engaged in research and development, recruiting from the students on various stages of their studies. The Institute either runs or participates in many big research projects of both basic and applied research. Both IMS and the Faculty management are intent on transferring the results of their research to the industrial level.


The Institute of Materials Science cooperates with Vyzkumny ustav pletarsky, a. s. , (VUP), a relatively consolidated company with big growth potential. VUP, a. s. disposes (?) of neither their own equipment nor human resources to carry out their research of modern biomaterials for vascular prostheses.


The company ADM is a rapidly growing innovative firm with a seat in the Brno University of Technology Incubator. Its future development is closely connected to innovative processes of materials used in dentistry.


The use of collagen in tissue science – gristle

On a basis of the rapidly growing cooperation, a joint laboratory of biopolymers has been established. Its main efforts are focused on utilizing the strengths of IMS and its industrial partners. Both parties are expected to profit from this: The companies should notice a considerable growth of both export sales and international competitive strength, while IMS hopes to increase the demand for its alumni on the labour market as well as an increase in demand for research, should the Faculty of Chemistry gain high reputation.


Haemostatics on the collagen basis


The cooperation between the Institute of Physical and Applied Chemistry and the company CPN, s.r.o. began in 2002/3 by submitting the themes for diploma theses and academic dissertations. At the beginning of 2004 the “Laboratory for Physical Chemistry of Biopolymers” was established – working as a joint site for both the Faculty of Chemistry and the CPN company. The laboratory is located on the premises of the Institute of Physical and Applied Chemistry. CPN, s.r.o. and two other companies are members of a holding – Contipro Group . The holding provides research, development, production, distribution and sales of chemicals (based on hyaluronic acid) for the cosmetics, medicine, pharmacy and nutrition industry. The cooperation is focused on the study of physiochemical properties of hyaluronic colloids and colloids based on other polysaccharides developed by the partner. Academic dissertations, bachelor or diploma theses represent the most common, but not only, form of the cooperation. Another form for partnership is performed by various projects with particular foundations (e.g. cluster Nanomedic)


There are many other companies with which the Faculty cooperates in research – if more information is required, the links to their web pages can be found below.

The cooperation is frequently carried out as a contract research. There are many such contracts concluded every year.