CS  Česky


Research activity presents (together with pedagogical activity) part of Faculty of Chemistry mission. In this field concrete activities are dependent on expert specialization of individual faculty institutes.

Institute of Physical and Applied Chemistry is ultimately focused on  the problematic physical chemistry of colloid and macromolecular systems, photochemistry, plasma chemistry and physics and computer applications in chemistry, chemical technology and physics.

In the Institute of Materials Chemistry the research activity  is oriented towards the study of properties of silicate, polymeric, metal and composite materials, with direct use of gained knowledge in the technology of their production and processing.

Research activity of Institute of Environmental Chemistry is focused on the area of chemistry and technology protection and modification of water, protection of soil fund and atmosphere. Institute also deals with problems of special industrial toxicology and ecotoxicology and also problems of disposal and recycling of wastes.

Institute of Food Science and Biotechnology deals (in the frame of its scientist activity) with problems from area of biology, theoretic and experimental biochemistry, microbiology, bioengineering and technology of food productions.
High-qualified workers having extensive experience in research field in various chemical areas pass on their longtime experience to younger generation of research workers.

Learners of bachelor, master and Ph.D. study are also actively engaged in the research activity. They have possibility to refer their experimental results in front of the expert jury in the frame of faculty student competitions. The best works are sent to other expert competitions in the Czech Republic.

Main research areas of Faculty of Chemistry flow from expert survey of individual institutes of the faculty and they are following:

Grant activity is an important part of research activities. This activity enables gaining of financial resources  for buying quality instrumentation and computer technology and it contributes thereby to efficient research work.

The International scientific conference “Chemistry and Life” takes place in the field of the Faculty of Chemistry every three years. The tradition began in 1999 and the conference is rapidly becoming famous in both the Czech Republic and abroad.

Research activity is focused on solving research problems and on projects financed by grant agencies (GAČR, GA AVČR), projects in the frame of the program KONTAKT, project in the frame of the program INTAS, 2 projects in the frame of the program COST and more than 20 projects FRVŠ.  Works relating to the solutions of Research Intention 0021630501 “Multifunction homogenous and heterogeneous materials on the basis of synthesis polymers and biopolymers” are focused of the achievements of  the faculty in the field of research activity.