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A) Study in English is free of charge for students/trainees studying/doing their training in the frame of short - time studies - instruction for exchange (incoming) students to FCH BUT

Our faculty does not have an accredited study program in English for bachelor and master program.

B) Study is charged for Ph.D. students studying in accredited study programs (Macromolecular chemistry, Chemistry, Technology and Properties of Materials, Chemistry and Technology of Foodstuffs and Physical Chemistry)

Tuition fee: 2.000 EUR/year 
Deadline for application: 30 April 2019

studenti34Admission fee:

approx. 21 EUR (amount can vary every year).  

How to apply for Ph.D. study program in English:

Application procedure for future Ph.D. students is always open in March/April of previous academic year.  

Application form is online (List of Ph.D. topics is part of online application form). Before you apply please read the details of the proper study programme/branch/topics in the catalog. Students are supposed to upload their CV and Motivation Letter into the online Application Form. Students are supposed to choose one Ph.D. theme (topic) given by a certain tutor. 

All future doctoral students also have to send us:

  • 1x photo (scan by mail)
  • Medical confirmation for work in chemical laboratory = confirmation that you are healthy and able to work in chemical laboratory (= no allergies, asthma, epilepsy etc.) in Czech, Slovak, English or German language - scan by mail version or by post 
  • Diploma (verified copy)
  • Diploma Supplement (list of courses)

Foreigners are supposed to send a document acknowledging that previous received education has the same level as the education in the Czech Republic, in Czech it is "Osvědčení o uznání zahraničního vysokoškolského vzdělání". Without this document no student can be accepted. 

If you need help, please contact: Rectorate office, odbor studijních záležitostí

Entrance exam is held in summer (mostly in June). The international office informs about an exact date by e-mail a few months before the entrance exam.


International office

  • e-mail:
  • phone: +420 541 149 346
  • International Affairs Office